Hi! I’m Daniel. I’m a non-binary (they/he) SF/F writer living in the wild hinterlands of Montana. I manage to do some writing in between venturing into the cold wastes, clad in furs and wielding a spear, to feast on what meager game I can find–

Actually, I have a very nice house with a yard and a dog. I do still wear the furs, though.

You may have been brought here by a tweet that went viral a while back. I have sad news if you’re expecting more of the same — that was the only pithy nugget of wisdom I had in my brain. The rest is just song lyrics to 1970s cereal jingles.

I write fiction. Projects of note include:

  • A short story, “Beast of Appetite,” for the tabletop RPG #iHunt (coming February 2021).
  • An ongoing pulp hero serial, Masks & Mysteries, written with Joshua Unruh. An omnibus collection is coming out in 2021.
  • My first novel, Orison, a fantasy noir about a young thief who gets entangled in the affairs of malevolent dragon gods.
  • Burn, a dark superhero short, available for free on Amazon Kindle.
  • “Seven Stages to Mars,” a rock opera about alien cancer, written for the anthology Membrane.

I’ve also written countless articles as a freelance ghost writer, on everything from cell phones to international travel to dog concierges at four-star hotels. I’ve worked for companies like Orange Spark Digital, Blinq, Mukava, Co-Creative Marketing, Outspoken Media, and more. My rates are reasonable and I really have written about tons of different subjects, so drop me a line if you’re interested.

I have a deep and abiding love for trash movies and general nerd things, which is primarily what I talk about over on Twitter.

Thanks for stopping by! It’s great to see you. I’m starting over from scratch, so I’ll be adding more here as time goes on.